Automatic Foil Cutting & Canisters Thermo Sealing Machine

Automatic Foil Cutting & Canisters Conduction Sealing Machine SealPro120

The world’s best fully automatic laminate cutting and conduction sealing machine for rolled wipes in canisters.

The SEALPRO120 automatically cut the sealing laminate according to your product size and conduction-seals it, accurately. It has 6 individually temperature controlled welding heads, all built inside one robust sealing block.

Quick Fact Sheet:

  • Fully automatic
  • Throughput models offered: 60, 120 & 200 products per minute
  • Supporting both oval and round canisters
  • Minimum foil waste, intra batches: 15mm-20mm, reducing waste!
  • Minimum foil waste, inter batches: 15mm-20mm, reducing waste!
  • Tolerance: margin 3-4mm, trim 10mm, reducing waste!
  • Sub 20 minutes changeover, reducing downtime!
  • Sanitary design for highest standards of rolled wipes production
  • Sealing strength tuning and fine-tuning per each sealing head may be done separately via the HMI
  • Explosion-Proof, Lid-Intrusion and “Breathing Foil” upgrades available
  • Over 60 machines sold

Machine specifications:

Basic Specifications

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