FGW-J – Fully Automatic Buckets Liquid Filling Machine

The World’s Most Advanced Round Wipes Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Engineered specifically for the homogenous wetting of round nonwoven wipes in buckets, the FGW-J automatically fills and with a tolerance of only 0.25% of vol., accurately portions wide range of viscosities. On top of its anti-overflow mechanism, the smart FGW-J also has  4 special encoder equipped gear pumps and ultra wide no-drip developed shower nozzles designed for homogeneous wetting and optimal liquid absorption to achieve top production and hygiene standards.

The FGW Is Gear Pumps Equipped

Main pros vis-à-vis volumetric, gravity or piston fillers are:

  • Fill Range. Filling volume range is theoretically unlimited.
  • Control. Portioning volume and speed tuning and fine- tuning are fast and easy via the Machine’s HMI.
  • Automatic dosing and positive displacement pumps filling.
  • Accuracy. Portioning tolerance within a mere +/-2gr(!) of volume. Saving waste!
  • Sanitation. Inherently cleaner than most other methodologies existing in the market.
  • Space. Fewer pumps are required for the same filling volume, saving space!
  • User friendly. Filling volume and throughput is controlled for either all or each pump with no-tools through the HMI interface (impossible with volumetric filler).
  • Maintenance. Is easier to do and less expensive.
  • Reliability. This Methodology is the most reliable and cost effective over time.


  • Fully automatic
  • Throughput up to 25 buckets/minute with 3,500ml liquid vol. (4 nozzle example)
  • Portioning tolerance: +/-2gr(!) of filling volume, reducing waste!
  • Sub 20 minutes changeover, reducing downtime!
  • Anti-overflow proprietary mechanism
  • Anti-drip proprietary ultra wide screwless shower nozzles
  • Sanitary design for highest standards of rolled wipes production
  • Explosion proof, corrosion proof upgrades available
  • All machine metals are Stainless Steel 304 or 316 where liquid flows
  • Electro-polished Smart liquid tank
  • Built in CIP
  • Industry 4.0 ready