CAROLUS Full Wrap Around Bucket Labeller

Universal Bucket Labeller Shemesh Automation

Fully Automatic Bucket Labeller With Labels Orientation And Simultaneous Buckets Lid Lifting

SA’s CAROLUS series is the first Bucket Labeller system developed specifically for buckets that includes a proprietary precision orientation system – which ensures that the label is placed in exactly the same position on each and every bucket.

Bucket handles are automatically lifted during the labeling process to ensure perfect label positioning.

The wrap-around labelling system includes HERMA’s (Germany) rotary labeling applicator model H400, specifically engineered for the CAROLUS series, resulting in  a highly accurate, incredibly fast, sustainable low- maintenance machine.


  • Throughput: 20-25 products per minute
  • CAROLUS main frames and construction base made of stainless steel SST304
  • Labeler type: Wraparound
  • Label type: Self-adhesive (PS)
  • Three rolls’ labelling zone.
  • Applicator built-in control & HMI. Clearly defined display panel facilitates adjustments to operational parameters; provides 30 preset functions
  • Unwind unit – maintains a constant web tension, preventing tolerance issues at the peel bar Threading and tensioning the web are very user-friendly.