Continuous Label Rolls Magazine

Continuous Label Rolls Magazine Shemesh Automation

Continuous Label Rolls Magazine – Maximum Efficiency Means Not Stopping To Change Label Rolls!

The genius of the continuous label rolls magazine is that your production line is made instantly more efficient thanks to continuous non-stop labelling.

Instead of stopping production to dismount an old roll of labels and mounting a new one, the continuous label rolls magazine connects the old roll to the new one, so no downtime is required.


  • Continuous means continuous. No need to stop the line for rolls loading
  • Traditionally lines stop every 1 hr with a standard magazine, or every 9 mins without one
  • Contains 2x label rolls each of 600mm diameter
  • Each label roll is least 2000m long
  • Length of each magazine roll may top 8x that of the labelling applicator roll