Citadel R-Series for standard wipes and refill bags

The Citadel R-Series is an all-in-one mono-block packer, tailor made to service the standard wet wipes in flexible packs and refill markets. With the Citadel, bags are stacked in a magazine and fed into a rotary index table where they are opened, loaded with wipes, liquid filled, sealed and discharged.

Citadel: Main advantages

  • Top Israeli engineering. Bright team of engineers with over 100 years of combined experience
  • User-friendly design. Smart controls. Fast changeover. Ultra-low downtime. Enhanced productivity
  • Clean. Sanitary design for highest standards of rolled wet wipes production.
  • Green. Smart utility consumption controls
  • One unit for automatic feeding, stuffing, liquid-filling and sealing
  • Small footprint
  • Small space Requirement
  • Smart control and security systems
  • Quick changeover time and easy, cost effective maintenance
  • Versatile configuration with ability to use all or just part of the Citadel modules
  • Fully compatible with the Rewinders common to the wipes market


Quick Fact Sheet:

  • Throughput: 30 products per minute.
  • Package type: standard wet wipes in flexible packs and refill bags
  • Hands free operation when connected to the Rewinder
  • All machine parts are stainless still 304 or 316 for parts exposed to liquid.
  • Machine base RHS 40 cube shape stainless steel.
  • Sub 40 minutes, tools free machine changeover.