Buckets Denester

Maximum efficiency means hands-free automatic buckets denesting!

SA’s fully automatic buckets denester is a vertical stack magazine with a capacity for stacks of buckets reaching 655mm high.  The denester magazine can be continuously re-loaded with buckets during operation, meaning you never have to stop the line to reload buckets. Buckets are loaded vertically into the denester, automatically separated and dispatched on to conveyor in upright position. The denester machine significantly improves production capacity and profitability by eliminating the need to manually denest buckets.

Quick Fact Sheet:

  • Continuous means continuous. No need to stop the line for buckets loading.
  • Material: stainless steel SST304.
  • HMI-controlled.
  • Throughput: 25-30 buckets per minute.
  • Suitable for bucket sizes 150 mm – 320 mm
  • Buckets magazine size: 650mm. Topping up the magazine is with non stop operation