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Top machine performance with top personnel

We offer you an individual training program that matches your machine configuration and the requirements of your operating staff. No matter whether a single unit or a complex packaging line is involved, whether at SAW or at your site, our training concept is tailored to your specific requirements. Our training for operators, technicians and specialists provides everyone with exactly what they need. Benefit from the practical know-how of professionals for professionals.

Professional Training Secures Your Machine Investment

  • Better comprehension of technical processes
  • Alertness of your personnel safeguards a long lifetime of your machinery
  • Unerring, proficient operation, retooling and maintenance of your machinery
  • Promotion of preventive fault management
  • Efficient and active elimination of disturbances

Let us advise you which training course suits your requirements.
Nir Baram –Vice President LATAM Sales, Global After Sales & P.M.
Shemesh Automation Ltd