Monoblock Packaging Solutions

Shemesh Automation boasts a series of unique all-in-one Monoblock Packaging Solutions, encompassing all aspects of  downstream packaging including feeding, filling, capping, double-capping, weighing, labeling QC and discharging.

These ultra-smart monoblock configurations are ideal for projects involving pharma, cosmetics and food and beverage for vials, roll-on deodorants, sprays and other such products.

Shemesh’s flagship monoblock, The XPANDER for round wipes in cans has a throughput of up to 35ppm and is the only machine of its kind available on the market today.

The Xpander+ Is a complete, hands-free, monoblock packing ecosystem for round wipes in canisters. Includes automatic canister, roll, and cap feeding. 


  • Everything you need, in one smart unit
  • Small footprint
  • Requires as few as 2 operators (hands-free versions also available)
  • Designed for operational flexibility and ultra low, tools free sub 40 minutes format parts changeover