Citadel J-Series for jumbo rolls in bags

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The Citadel J-Series is an all-in-one monoblock packer, tailor made to service jumbo rolls packing in ready-made bags. With the Citadel, bags are stacked in a magazine and fed into a rotary index table where they are opened, loaded with wipes, liquid filled, sealed and discharged.  

Quick Fact Sheet:

  • Throughput: up to 10-15 products per minute.
  • Package type: Jumbo rolls in pre made bags.
  • Hands free operation when connected to the Rewinder.
  • All machine parts are stainless still 304 or 316 for parts exposed to liquid.
  • Machine base RHS 40 cube shape stainless steel.
  • Sub 40 minutes, tools free machine changeover.
  • Bag Width/Diameter: 280mm-500mm Bag Height: 250mm-550mm
  • Roll Width/Diameter: 150mm-250mm Roll Height: 150mm-250mm