Shemesh Multi-Range Gin Filling & Capping Line At Beams Packaging Services

As a British retail consortium, Beam Packaging Services, based in Cambridgeshire UK, are a grade A accredited contract packer with over a decade’s experience in packaging gift packs, confectionery, alcohol, ration packs. Three years ago, Beams’ main bottling niche was miniature bottles (approx. 50ml), however, overtime they expanded their line to cover various bottle sizes up to 700cl.

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Xpander Monoblock Packaging Machine For Allied Hygiene

Allied Hygiene, one of the largest independent manufacturers of wet and dry wipes in the UK, has been operating in Erith, Kent for over 25 years. In February 2015, a fire necessitated the company invest in a new production line. With support from Shemesh Automation, the factory was up and running again within days, with a more efficient production line based around the Shemesh Automation Xpander monoblock packaging machine.

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