SA Case Packer, Cartons Form Fill & Seal, RELENTLESS SXS

SA Case Packer, Cartons Form Fill & Seal, RELENTLESS SXS

RELENTLESS productivity, RELENTLESS efficiency…

RELENTLESS is an end of line complete solution for fully automatic product Feeding, Carton Erecting, Product Manipulation and Configuration, Product Placing and Carton sealing. Synched. The RELENTLESS is designed as seamlessly synched unit with the SA/EEW Line. Especially for buckets. Unlike a tuna case packer or shampoo case packers for example, The RELENTLESS is specifically designed for the packing of buckets containing nonwoven wipes. Turnkey. From empty buckets to stuffed, filled, sealed capped and labelled buckets to a sealed carton containing the required configuration of finished products in it, all provided under one experienced house as an incredibly efficient turnkey production line.

Quick Fact Sheet:

  • Ability to handle multiple product types and carton configurations.
  • Throughput: up to 15 cases per minute (SILVERLINE) / up to 25 cases per minute (SXS)
  • Servo motor driven canister manipulator
  • Smart control and security systems
  • Quick changeover time and easy, cost effective maintenance
  • Designed for minimum space requirements
  • Versatile configuration with an ability to use all or just part of the functions offered
  • RELENTLESS does not need to stop for Magazine charging

Machine specifications:

Basic Specifications

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