FORTRESS J-SERIES: Multitasking at its best

FORTRESS J-Series is tailor-made to service the jumbo rolls market, performing loading and filling actions whilst it is busy forming flexible bags from a master roll of film – not wasting a second! After the FORTRESS forms the bag, loads the wipes, fills and seals, it discharges the finished product. The FORTRESS provides two levels of efficiency through the economic use of raw materials and savings gained from process automation.

Quick Fact Sheet:

  • 10-12 products per minute
  • Supported raw materials: Polypropylene, cellophane multi layer aluminum foil and all laminates.
  • Bag Diameter: 100 to 450 mm. Height: 150 to 500mm
  • Filling volume: Up to 5L
  • Accuracy is a +/- 0.5% tolerance of volume. saving waste!
  • Master film diameter: Up to 630mm
  • Main machine parts are stainless steel 304 or 316 for parts exposed to liquid.
  • Machine base RHS 40 cube shape stainless steel.
  • Sub 30 minutes complete machine changeover

Machine specifications:

Basic Specifications

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