G-Are your Liquid Filling Machines burning money and your reputation?

G-Automatic liquid filling machines

G-If you are involved in liquid food and sauce packaging, there is a very real possibility that your liquid filling machines are pouring money, and your reputation down the drain.

G-It can be difficult to visualise the impact a substandard automatic liquid filling machine can have on your bottom line, and on how you’re perceived by your customers. G-To help, we’ve put together a list of key questions you can ask yourself:

  1. G-1. Do your liquid filling machines consistently operate with an accuracy of +/-1% of filling volume (or worse!)?

G-That may sound tight, but if you’re filling containers with 500ml of liquid, for example, you will lose a whole bottle’s worth of liquid for every 100 bottles you fill. G-That’s potentially 1% of your profits, down the drain. G-All day, every day! G-Or to put it another way, say you overfill by 1%. G-If your line is producing 10,000 bottles per hour, you’ll also be wasting 50 litres of liquid every hour. G-In one year of production, let’s say that’s 3,000 hours, you will be wasting a gigantic 150,000 litres of product!

  1. G-2. Do your filling nozzles touch your containers or product during the filling process?

G-If so, you could be compromising the hygiene of your entire line. G-With all the effort you’re putting into keeping your facility and processes squeaky clean, imagine contaminating your product via something as simple as the outside of a filling nozzle? G-In a double-whammy, the type of nozzles that come into contact with product often also cause spillage doG-wn the sides of containers. G-Nobody wants that.

  1. G-3. Speaking of cleaning… are you wasting hours on laborious cleaning processes because your machines don’t have clean-in-place functionality?

G-Older or less sophisticated liquid filling machines often contain a complex web of membranes, sensors, seals and piping. G-Having such a large number of components to clean opens the door to potential contamination and of course, uses up a tonne of time and resource.

  1. G-4. Would your filling machines cope with a change in product shape or size should you grow or change your range?

G-Imagine you go to the expense of creating fantastic new packaging, or you nail a huge contract from a new customer, only to find that your filling machine is not flexible enough to cope with the new product shape. G-Disaster. G-What looked like progress or fantastic news for your business could actually mean having to go to the expense of replacing your existing liquid filling machine.

  1. G-5. What if the viscosity of your liquid product changed, or you received a giant order for a more viscose product. G-Would your filling machine cope with the new demand?

G-You may be completely happy now, churning out thousands of packs of juice every year, but what if your customer wanted to branch out into honey, or peanut butter? G-Would your current liquid filling machine cope? G-Or would you have to kiss goodbye to the new business? G-Even if your filling machine can cope with a change in viscosity, how long is the changeover process between products? G-Elongated downtime = reduced productivity = reduced profits.


G-If your answers to any of the above questions have left you worried or downhearted about your current liquid filling solution, don’t worry, Shemesh Automation has your back!

G-Our flagship automatic liquid filling machine the STRATUM contains all of the following money and reputation-saving specifications:

  • G-Festo (Germany) Double Servo Filling technology both in the pistons and the diving nozzles for production consistency and a staggering +/-0.25% of liquid volume accuracy
  • G-Throughput available from 2 to 12 heads or 40-180ppm for up to 500ml liquid vol.
  • G-Welded to Pharma sanitary standards using 316L stainless steel and constructed using USDA/FDA approved materials
  • G-Viscosity applicable range from 1 to 500,000 Centipoise (water is at 1, peanut butter is at 250,000)
  • G-Portioning range from 100ml/gr-1200ml/gr. G-Higher volumes of up to 5100ml/gr available
  • G-Proprietary diving nozzles design – bottom-up fill built-in feature with programmable portioning speed graph for foaming and dripping prevention
  • G-Sub 20 minutes, tools-free change over!
  • G-Fully programmable user friendly Siemens HMI & PLC • SST316L, electro polished, smart liquid tank finishing
  • G-Applicable for hot liquids, up to 95° Celsius
  • G-Easy and fast automatic cleaning mode
  • G-CIP (clean in place) & WIP (wash in place) available
  • G-Built-in spray balls for enhanced CIP
  • G-Corrosion-proof and explosion proof upgrades available.

G-Talk to Shemesh today about our complete range of advanced packaging machinery and see how we can ‘Build Your Vision.