Shemesh Automation Wet Wipes in a nutshell

Est. 1990, Shemesh Automation Ltd. (SA) is a family business which has built a reputation for delivering innovative core fillers, cappers, sealers and labellers for major industry players over the last 30 years.

Shemesh Automation Wipes (SAW), an arm of  SA, offers premium turnkey round wipes lineup technology, producing high quality rolls of nonwoven wipes in a variety of packaging.

It strives to exceed its customers’ expectations as the leading manufacturer for round wipes packaging equipment.

SAW’s growing customer base of top round wet wipes producers has meant the company can offer unprecedented experience as a top one-stop-shop turnkey production lines vendor for the round wipes market.

Our Portfolio

SAW has a main wet wipes portfolio that includes:

  • canister feeders
  • round rolls canisters stuffers
  • dozers and fillers
  • foil cutters and canisters sealers
  • cappers, continuous labellers
  • canisters case packers

…all in various throughputs ranging from 30 and up to 200 products per minute

Our Offices

The Company has three offices, one in Israel, one in France, and the other in the UK, with a global distribution of over 10 sales representatives dedicated to its sales and after-sales of its wet wipes portfolio.

Business brains, family values

Mr. Eli Shemesh, heads Shemesh Automation’s engineering, local sales and operations out of Israel. Mr. Shemesh Sr. is a market veteran with over 40 years industry experience.

Eli’s son, Mr. Shai Shemesh, heads Shemesh Automation’s global business development, strategy and marketing out of the UK. Prior to SA, Mr. Shemesh Jr. worked as an investment banker in London. He holds an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University School of Law and an MBA from New York Stern School of Business.

“In short, we are big enough to exceed the expectations of any business, but our family-run ethos means we think ‘small’ enough to care about each and every one of our customers”.

Shai Shemesh, CEO

Our Value Proposition

Providing its clients a real competitive edge in a ruthlessly competitive market where every penny saved in manufacturing goes a great distance to the bottom line is what SAW is all about.

Our value proposition is to provide its customers with a partner that is reliable equipment maker who will expand knowhow, enhance production efficiency, lower costs per unit sold, boost productivity and product quality. This in turn will improved market share and overall higher profits for the business.

Our  Core Values

  • Long term thinking
  • Reliability in everything we do
  • Add real value to our clients
  • Constantly seek for constructive feedback and ways for improvement
  • Poised for mechanical and technological supremacy, providing our clients a real competitive edge